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Avalon Camps fundraising
Avalon Camps fundraising
Avalon Camps fundraising

The Moor Tour

Taking place annually at the beginning of July, this is a 9 or 18 mile bike course across the Somerset Levels. Anyone can get involved either running or walking.

Individual Fundraising Events

We’ve had everything from marathons and half marathons, concerts in association with various orchestras and choirs, cake sales and raffles.

Fundraising Ball

February 2018 saw our first fundraising ball. A huge hit with those who attended and a great excuse to get dressed up for a great cause.


The annual running costs of both camps is spent on the following:

  • Coach hire 

  • Food and drinks 

  • Entrance fees 

  • Children’s extra pocket money 

  • Equipment and games materials 

  • General repairs and maintenance 

  • Prizes, medallions, cups, etc. 

  • Utility charges 

  • First aid training 

  • Insurance 

  • Safeguarding training


  • 1 marquee 

  • 1 provisions and food prep tent 

  • 16 x 4-berth tents 

  • Kitchen and dining facilities 

  • Toilet and washing facilities 

  • Water, electricity and gas

  • Inside and outside games areas 

  • “Static” camp and medical caravan 

  • Storage containers

  • Sleeping bags 

  • Camp beds 

  • Extra clothing and waterproofs 

  • Games and play equipment 

  • Marquee 

  • Tents 

  • Dining tables 

  • Kitchen equipment

Avalon Camps Fire


Please click here to find the JustGiving page

It costs around £10,000 per year to run our two Avalon Camps and all of our funding comes from fundraising events within the village, sponsored activities and Private Donations. Every penny is spent directly or indirectly on the children. 

We are always looking for anyone interested in getting involved in any of our activities, new ideas for fundraising and volunteers interested in helping to organise our events. 


What sort of fundraising takes place?

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