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Young Leaders are the volunteers who really make the children’s experience on camp the best it can be. 

As a Young Leader, you are put into pairs and allocated a Tent of 4 children. You will lead your Tent through our daily routines and exciting plans. This includes everything from eating together at mealtimes, through to getting stuck into all camp activities and listening to storytime before bed.


You don’t need any qualifications or specific experience to become a Young Leader. We just need enthusiastic young people who are ready to get stuck into all camp activities and encourage the children to get the most out of camp. Young Leaders must be 17 or over.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information, email Emma –

Benefits to you
  • Exciting and unique experience for your CV 

  • Can be used as Gold DofE residential and as part of NCA qualification 

  • Great experience if you are thinking of a career working with children 

  • A personally challenging but extremely rewarding and fun week!

   Avalon Camps has been a big factor in deciding my career! It is an amazing cause and to see the effect it has on children is absolutely incredible and heartwarming. Having done camps for several years as both a Tent Leader and Camp Leader, I have gained invaluable experience in working with children that come from a disadvantaged background, as well as leading a team in working with these types of children.

Tom Allen – Young Leader 2012, 2013 and Camp Leader 2015

    It is a local opportunity that rewards the participants with a sense of achievement and opens their eyes to the opportunities they are lucky enough to have. DofE residential rules restrict the number of young people that we can send. I wish you had more weeks so more of our participants could be involved.

Helen Watkins – DofE co-ordinator, Somerset County Council

    As a Tent Leader it was a great experience to be responsible for the kids’ safety and their enjoyment of the week; it helps you develop skills in leadership and in establishing good relationships with children. As for the children themselves, camp provides a safe and fun environment, allowing them to meet new people and try new experiences! 

Sophie Vincent – Young Leader 2015

     I think I speak for everyone who has ever volunteered as a Young Leader, when I say it is one of the best weeks of our year. The children are a delight to work with and their energy, enthusiasm and hilarious quirks/ remarks mean that we are on a high all week.


Emma Hanlon – Young Leader 2011, 2012 and Camp Manager 2014 - 2018


    It has been invaluable for many of our students, helping them to decide on career paths, providing evidence for applications


Lisa Hall – Careers Advisor, Kings of Wessex Academy


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